Digital resources to improve the management of your economy

Digital resources to improve the management of your economy

Carrying a proper management of the personal economy is not always easy. Although the ideal is to control expenses periodically, sometimes the lack of time prevents doing as expected. However, technology can help a lotin this observation and registration work quickly and efficiently. In the same way, it can also be very useful to save and maintain the balance between income and expenses desired by each person. How to do it? The following tools, web pages and apps contribute to improving the personal economy.

The most positive side of technology is that it can streamline and facilitate many aspects of people’s lives, from helping older people to healthy habits to improving language learning . And, in this sense, tasks as basic and necessary as the management of the personal economy can also use their resources. These are just some of the tools and ideas for this:

1. Software to improve planning

In many cases, the cause of spending more money than desired is none other than lack of planning. Although unforeseen expenses are inevitable, there are others that are in the control of each person. And for that there is no better way than using project management tools .

A good example is Trello , which allows you to schedule tasks (with their consequent expense or income), highlight the most important ones and even attach files such as invoices or tickets . This very simple resource makes it possible, at a glance, to keep under control the most important monetary movements of each period, whether weekly, biweekly or monthly.

2. Applications to control shared expenses

Everyone has ever had to share expenses with family, friends or a couple . Dinners, leisure plans such as trips and getaways, joint gifts and even taking a taxi, the options are multiple! And, in those cases, sometimes it ends up forgetting to return the borrowed money, which affects the pocket to a greater or lesser extent.

To avoid these shortcomings and to facilitate joint payments, a good idea may be to use one of the many applications available to send and receive money from friends from your mobile . One of the most popular is Twyp , which is free and available for iOS and Android. There is no longer an excuse to owe money, or that they owe it to one!


3. Web comparators to encourage savings

When paying for a product or service, many times you end up opting for the first option you have seen or know. However, it is always good to try to see other options and prices that may be more economical and adjusted to the personal economy. In this sense, comparators are one of the most widespread digital resources. These popular websites allow you to automatically compare prices of products and services from very diverse sectors : homes, hotels, flights, electronic products, leisure plans, etc.

4. Apps against waste

But sometimes, the power to better control personal expenses is in the palm of the hand, specifically in the mobile, because there are increasingly more applications aimed at encouraging savings and better management of finances .

The most important thing is that these apps are intuitive and simple for the user, which is the case of Fintonic , a very popular application that allows you to record account and card movements, balance balances and organize all the information in very visual graphics.

Nor should we ignore technological innovations such as artificial intelligence (AI), the technology on which Clarity Money is based . Through the use of AI, this curious app cancels subscriptions and accounts that are less used to allocate those resources to other more productive activities. In addition, it has an alert service that alerts the user if he is spending too much in a certain area.

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