5 technologies to say goodbye to the cold

5 technologies to say goodbye to the cold

Winter is synonymous with homemade plans, hot dishes and Christmas decorations that are dusted off after a year of lethargy. But if there is one idea that can summarize well the winter season is the cold . The temperatures go down and force coats, woolen hats and scarves to be rescued from the closet. But, at this time, technology can also help organize outdoor plans and defend against the cold. This article includes five technological resources to achieve this: from clothes with USB for ice-cream makers to applications to protect against colds.

1. Smart clothes for the chilly

Each station requires a specific clothing. In the case of the winter season, the protagonists are the clothes and accessories of shelter, as well as accessories such as umbrellas and raincoats, which help shelter from inclement weather. But … what if this clothes brought a dose of extra heat?

Technological advances have made this possible with the implementation of USB garments , ranging from gloves to socks and stockings . The operation is very simple: through its USB connection, the clothing in question begins to warm up when its owner wishes it .

There is a wide range of heated garments suitable for going outside protected from the cold. Even, it is no longer necessary to remove the gloves to use the mobile, since there are more and more accessories that allow the use of touch devices.

2. Gadgets against the cold

Many athletes take advantage of the winter weather conditions to practice snow sports such as skiing and snowboarding , as well as other more traditional and common throughout the year such as cycling or running . But it is important to be protected against the cold and, in this sense, the chosen clothes play a very important role again. The technology makes available to sports lovers special garments with insulating fabrics, ventilation systems and integrated reproduction controls .

And what happens in the office? The cold can be quite an inconvenience to work at ease. What options, besides heating, can help to combat it? The USB technology comes to the aid of more than one friolero. For example, there are hand warmers that emit heat energy to the area but, at the same time, allow the wearer to use their fingers. In this way, it is possible to type in the computer or perform other activities with total normality and with warm hands!

Another of the great inventions not to succumb to winter at work are mice with heat function . This gadget radiates heat from its top, reaching temperatures above 40 ºC. And, what better against the cold than a good coffee? In this regard, there are electronic coffee cups that help keep drinks hot by simply connecting to a USB port.

3. Antiglacial home automation

Current homes have little to do with those of a few decades ago. Digitization has entered fully into homes, thus promoting the development of smart homes where the user controls the different functionalities and services.

In this sense, it is possible to control the temperature of the home from the smartphone , adjusting the stay to the needs of each moment. In addition to creating a more welcoming environment, another important benefit is that savings in energy consumption are encouraged.


4. Smart television

The way of watching television is changing. Netflix , HBO, Movistar Plus … Each time there are more platforms that follow the philosophy of video on demand and allow to choose what content to see at any time.

The devices also adapt to this fashion and smart TVs have a multitude of viewing possibilities. This shows that staying at home does not have to be a bad plan, especially when you can protect yourself from the cold watching your favorite movies and series.

5. Burning Apps

Finally, a very powerful weapon to combat the cold can be the mobile itself. How? Through apps that make life easier when temperatures drop. How can these applications help?

Changes in temperature mean that sometimes you do not know what to wear. The Whatoweather app combines meteorology and fashion to recommend the ideal set according to temperature, humidity or risk of precipitation, among others.

But there are times when even garments can prevent the cold from affecting health. Applications like Everyday Health help to pass better winter cold with advice of the most varied.

To these apps you have to add others designed to practice winter sports or to prepare hot recipes. Definitely, technology makes the cold stop being an excuse to enjoy the winter.

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